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Davey's new clothing line

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what is it called?!?!?! and how do i buy stuff?
It's called Glitterboy and you can find it at Hot Topic ;)
far too mallgoth for my liking, it just look like revamped hot topic clothes. for the first time mr. havok has disapointed me
this makes me sad on the inside
It really is. Just slap the logo on and voila!! I'ts just another Made/Level 27/Role Model thingy.
ohh those lucky, lucky models.
davey looks horrible in those pics, like he's on a heroin binge or something.. tsk tsk.
LMAO!! Davey, is there something you're not telling us?
i think mr. havok is no longer XxX.

thank heaven.
*snorts* LIAR! How could you Davey?! LOL
i miss the Davey with the devillock and a gorgeous upper body. and that wasn't so merchandised.
now he's deathly skinny