This sudden alchemy (candycoma) wrote in davey_fiends,
This sudden alchemy

not community related but everyone should be warned

DO NOT CLICK ON THE 'THIS IS INTERESTING' or 'WHOS SAUSAGE IS LONGEST' LINKS YOU MAY SEE IN YOUR FRIENDS LIST. IT IS A LJ HACK THAT WILL STEAL YOUR LJ PASSWORD AND POSSIBLY LOCK YOU OUT OF LJ (BY CHANGING YOUR LJ PASSWORD). IT IS ALONG THE SAME LINES AS THE RUSSIAN 'NAME' MEME THAT WENT AROUND YESTERDAY! If you *do* click it, your password was sent to the owner of that website. You should change your LJ password *immediately*, and sign off, then clear any cookies out in your browser before signing back into LJ. More info: <> PLEASE READ THIS AND POST IT INYOUR OWN JOURNAL, AND YOUR COMMUNITIES. PASS IT ON!!!
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